Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Outside Armani Prive Fashion Show, Paris, 6 July 2010

Giovanna Battaglia

Miroslava Duma

Daphne Guiness

Karlie Kloss

Kasia Struss

Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin - Roitfeld

Anna Wintour

Miroslava Duma and Vika Gazinskaya


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  1. I adore Miroslava Duma... and she looks amazing in pregnant... so fashion, so classy... wow!!

  2. I love silver shoes!

  3. yes, these are Daphne shoes... she always have something amazing in her look... like this shiny wings on her ears... :)

  4. that thing daphne has in her eyer is pretty damn cool.

    but honestly i think u should put more work while u take pictures. cous u have the chance stand next to all of the fashion divas and you should really consider not just to take a pictures but do your best; to catch their attiude, nice pose and etc.

    anyway good luck with ur blog. u dfinately have a potencial :))))

  5. Wonderful pictures!!can be Bianca Brandolini D'adda a girl in this photos??

  6. Awesome! Absolutely lovely! It's always nice to look around - and it would not be that bad to REALLY see you and talk about fashion icons some day... Oh yes, CLASSY, that's what Signorina Battaglia really is! Timeless elegance, less is more, simply arresting!
    Giovanna Battaglia is way better than the Roitfelds in my eyes. The Roitfelds tend to look always a bit cheap to me. Carine looks like a drug-addict with her moody-broody eyes and lackluster hair. Carine's coat is great, and the skirt length underneath, but the boots are too much for me. Too much Moskow! Okay, Julia is really beautiful, but still her look doesn't knock me out. Okay, her blacky dress is actually really nice!
    My VOGUEista is clearly ANNA!!! Anna Wintour is like Madonna! Looks gorgeous in her silk silvery batik coat... and, Franca Sozzani from VOUGUE Italia - love her burgundy suede shoes and the dress pattern on your photo! More Milan than Moskow.
    Hey, Karlie Kloos looks great in her simple lapis dress! And, yes, Jac's black leather jacket, too! And, SUPERSWEET and lovely Keke Lindgard... Always a pleasure to see her.
    Mira... well, I don't know her, but I've found wonderful pictures of her, looking gorgeous! She's beautiful, and I adore the beauty of pregnant woman in general, but in this case the dress doesn't show it in a positive way, the skirt part of the dress is to belly-bell-shaped for a pregnant woman, I suppose. The pilot glasses are not "hers", too, and the shoes not really
    p.s. Suzie Menkes always looks funny... ;)

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